Friday, May 28, 2010

Notice regarding issue of Provisional Certificate

For the issue of provisional certificate:

Step 1: Download the form from the link given below
            Download Link    

Step 2: Print the form and fill the details; In total percentage column, calculate the total marks obtained and then divide it by 7000

Note : First and Second semester marks have been taken only 50%

Step 3: Get the xerox of your mark-sheets/tabulation attested by any gazetted officer.

Step 4: Attach the photocopies and form together with an application for request of provisional

Note: Candidates who need it urgently, mention their date of joining in the application and attach a copy of joining letter with it as a matter of proof

Step 5 : Submit it into Examination department

When submitted at that time you will get to know when you can receive the provisional certificate. On an average it takes 3-4 days .