Thursday, July 30, 2009


Notes and study material in Cryptography

CHM version of Wiliam Stalling's Network Security and Cryptography is available in ebooks post

Source :Tata Mcgrawhill Student Site
  1. Need for Computer Security
  2. Classical Cryptography
  3. Block Ciphers 1 (Intro, Lucifer, DES)
  4. Block Ciphers 2 (FEAL, LOKI, IDEA, Cryptanalysis), Stream Ciphers
  5. Number Theory and Public Key Cryptography
  6. Authentication, Hash Functions, Digital Signatures
  7. Trusted Computer Systems

Slides based on William Stalling's book
File:Chapter 1.ppt

File:Chapter 10.ppt

File:Chapter 2.ppt

File:Chapter 4.ppt

File:Chapter 5.ppt

File:Chapter 6.ppt

File:Chapter 7.ppt

File:Chapter 8.ppt

File:Chapter 9.ppt

File:Chapter 3.ppt

Source :BIT Durg [Based on Syllabus]
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5